Monday, August 1, 2011

How to cure underachievement away

Many who feel stupid or underachieving, spend all their time pretending to make sense, to be well achieving, to look rational and intelligent. Stop that! Such acting takes all your attention, so it prevents you from achievements. Instead do your best in ordinary everyday ways. That way you will really have some skills to show and across time you will develop greatly by just doing the things that you surely can and by attempting your very best at learning new things of value.

Why social strategy/friendlyness matters

If you hit someone in th ehead by a stool, they are likely to think that their life depends on being enemies with you. So they tend to behave in a cumbersome uncooperative way from then on. But if you on the other hand ofeer a piece of cake and go on your own way without trying to poison anyone by that cake, they are likely to be casually friendly.

The Origin of Good and Evil

Joe had been sitting too much indoors. His head felt dizzy. He put the mug in his hand to the table and started toward the door. Someone had left an office chair in the middle of the road there. He tried to clumsily avoid it but did not fully succeed. He hit his thigh nastily on the edge of the chair. “What the hell!” He send angrily the office chair flying along the floor. It collided with someone coming in. “You bastard! Don’t do that again.” Too much time indoors without exercise makes the head dizzy, movements clumsy and leaves the person feeling forceless and weak, becomes so easy to agitate in a frustrated fury. Also errors become many and successes few and not noteworthy. Consequently human relationships become a mess.
Jack had been outdoors in the garden doing varied physical work together with other employees. His eyes were sharp and reactions quick. With ease he moved around the office chair which was still lying in the middle of the doorway, and tried to brighten the social atmosphere. “Hi guys, it a fine weather, why don’t you try drinking your coffee outside? My pals there also could have use for a helping hand.” Always, just always!, remember to look at a tree while you think!