Saturday, March 7, 2015

What is according to justice in social situations

Needs matter. If someone dearly needs something and another one not, it is likely that the one who very much needs it ought to get it, for example for a cheap price if it is something that the other one owns. But of course with lies and acting it is a different things: they do not give any extra priviledges to the one who acts or lies.

Justice does not mean treating all the same way. Instead it means something like giving wage like positive feedback for good deeds and nice responsible behaviour and giving punishment like negative feedback for unmoral attacks and other unmoral ways.
So in a social situation, if the other one is very unmoral in one's behaviour, it is according to justice to attack such person and to not to give him or her as much rights as others who are more moral in that occasion.
Once again lies and acting are not any grounds for giving priviledges or punishing wrong person.

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