Sunday, April 10, 2016

Why we meet different social fates

All people have social eye and that is why they treat different people differently and also the same person in different situations differently. They kind of tend to discuss so with the person's strategy of life: they either tune to the same type of areas of life in their repertuaire, or they comment on the strong (admiration, polite ways) or weak (attacks, pity) sides of the other person's strategy of life or discuss with such strategy by giving advices by sharing their experience of life, wisdom of life and things they have read.
People also themselves cause different results by their actions: one assuming a too big role creates disasters to which others react negatively, and one assuming a too little role leaves things not taken care of and the less skilled in a ruling position.
Such features are dependent on the person oneself and it makes no sense to reach for the qualities of others, because such would demand a different level of skill which presently is not (yet?) possible. By understanding what one's own social life's dynamics are like, one can reach for better courses for oneself, but often those are not suited as advices for others. Among people of the same profession or the like it is often possible share advices, likewise to help the ones with much less wisdom of life and the much more stupid.

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