Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Aggression is needed

Humans have two types of feelings:
Positive feelings like love, happiness, joy, liking etc. bring us toward the things that we want to our lives. Those things answer to our needs and to the needs of the society and the living environment, keeping them healthy and strong.
Negative feelings like hate, disgust, suffering, sorrow etc. repel harmful things away from our lives. Typically these are just big nasty things like work, culture, mum’s nasty opinions, our own firmly stuck habits, etc. which are very difficult to change – still it is of no use if we misdirect the anger to some other goal that does not deserve it, here was the correction needed, not there!
Both types of action are needed and both work well only if we recognize right what is it that we wanna avoid or to reach for and if we avoid the error of tunnel-sightedness and use a holistic view of the world and of life as a whole instead.
The world is full of phenomena, some we like (they are in some way useful to us) and some we hate (they are in some way harmful to us IF we have recognized right the cause of the feeling). We just have to resist the harmful, otherwise we will be shortly overrun, maybe even killed. And we just have to cultivate the good things, otherwise we will have nothing to live on and we will starve to death.
It demands lots of honesty toward yourself to notice what is what in life but it is well worth the effort!

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