Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Benefit a lot, lose only a little

Wise choices mean that you choose something better than what would happen without any choice, since iuf you choose worse you lose something of worth without there being any point in that and if you do only as well as otherwise you have needlessly spent your forces.
So every time try to benefit as much as you can and lose as little as you can. Both of these goals matter. And also those things which are more difficult to notice matter as well. The wisest choise is one which takes EVERYTHING FULLY INTO ACCOUNT and gains so all that there is to gain and loses nothing.
The usual problem in this is to be too short-sighted: often people grasp only the immediate gain in sight and disregard all the other consequences that they have to bear as well but that are more difficult to notice. A wise person uses a holistic view of the world, which is easy if you are relaxed in a lively way and use landscape like views in thinking, so one can take all things into account in an easy way and never lose sight of the future consequences of one’s actions.
Many people still know the instinctual way to count benefits and losses: Each thing has an atmosphere, which is dark for losses and reddish or light for positive states of affairs like a tree bearing fruit. So when they observe something as a seen landscape with atmosphere they almost at once know whether there are many threaths or many gains in that landscape.

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