Friday, September 10, 2010

S9ome social skills that can get you out of trouble

Social contacts always have two sides: you and the others. If yu choose one deed, you get one kind of feedback, but if you choose another you get other kind of feedback. The general principle by which you get treated is that you get a like thing in return but this is a very wide thing referring to your observed strategy of life. So if others estimate you to be a trustworthy friendly kind of fellow you are likely to achieve a friendly chat. But if others see that you might be untrustworthy and do nasty things to undeserving others you are likely to get threatened. So your level of moral is seen and taken into account: kind of what kind of person is good to have around or not. Most people do have social eye, so what you do generally in your life, what might happen but what is not here and now does still affect enormously how you get treated. All do not notice everything but they do notice a lot, most notice even things that you suppose to be impossible for anyone to notice. So be honest toward yourself in determining what KIND OF FEEDBACK YOU HAVE DESERVED you are likely to ACHIEVE JUST THAT.
So some people end up in a mess all the time. There are some advices that could cure their lives: The first one is to be fair toward all. You are allowed to be selfish but not malicious. Behaviour that is understandable goes accepted and unharmed but behavior that is out of the question because of being too harmful does not. For you to see positive alternatives it is important to relax your neck and your back and to look at an ordinary healthy tree (not an apple tree since it has been cut) while you ponder, since that widens your observational skills: you are not as stuck to habit and can see the wide landscape instead of just your immediate actions.
Healthy natural ways of living bring you furthest in the world. Everything else is just build upon them. So observe where you do things healthily and keep to that. Observe also which sides are unnatural or go ashtray and seek to drop them away. That way you can achieve much strength and see to the real dynamics of social life and of the world at large.

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