Sunday, September 19, 2010

Social skills and introspektion

I used to ponder a lot about social relationships, about the intentions of different people and about the possibilities in each human encounter. It wasn’t of much use but then I learned: I learned how I can make instantaneous observations that tell me a lot about each human relationship. The most important lesson is t not to put to words what I have observed but to keep it as undisturbed sensory perceptions instead. Each human being has one’s own style which ne follows all the time, and sensed impressions tell us just that. It is all that we can get from a human being kind of rule of the individual’s behavior of all sides of one’s life. That’s it!

I also used t ponder a lot about myself about my life my character my abilities my social relationships etc. Then I learned that it is not which wrds I find to try to describe or classify myself. It is instead how I feel each moment in each kind of situation of life, that tells me what I am like what I like what suits me and what I ought to avoid. My possibilities of improvement are just where I feel inspirited and my dead ends are just where I feel lousy. There is nothing special to me and my life no words noo theories just the sensations that I feel each moment…

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